SomaticMemory a Sensomotoric approach in Trauma Treatment

Natal / Brasil

with Dr. Herbert Grassmann


2015 _  21st - 25th October 

2016 _  27th April – 1st  May 


SomaticMemory is a therapeutic method that is based on the reorganization of somatic memory located in what we call the Soma Net. An essential characteristic of this therapeutic method is that we work with somatic sensations and movements to resolve somatic traces of the traumatic experience. Both the calming down of the nervous system and changes in our body memory system contributes to these processes. SomaticMemory supports the nervous system in order to move through a difficult period with more presence, ease and an embodied sense of self.  Working with a different form of memory requires a completely different kind of psychotherapy. Due to developments in neuropsychology in the past twenty years, increased communication among therapeutic specialties, improved testing, and the steady maturation of the field, we can start to ask better questions of ourselves.

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